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We’ll let you know we’ve received your complaint within 5 working days. Your complaint will then be given to the most appropriate Customer Support manager to investigate.

Once the investigation is complete the Customer Support manager will send you a full response within 30 working days. If your case requires more time, they will update you on the investigation’s progress and propose a new deadline for their response.

If you’re unhappy with the investigation or response, let the Customer Support manager dealing with your complaint know and it will be passed to a member of the senior management team. You’re welcome to do this at any time, but we cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to resolve the complaint if it’s more than 6 months after your initial response from AccessDoctor.

Once the senior management team member has been given your complaint, they’ll let you know they’ve received it within 5 working days, and send an official response within 30 working days. You’ll receive a full response or an update on the investigation’s progress with a new proposed deadline of response.

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