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Hair Loss Treatment

Male hair loss is mostly caused by ‘pattern hair loss’. Often you notice a receding hairline mostly affecting the front and top of the scalp. Although many see this as nature taking its course, hair loss can have emotional, self-esteem and psychological effects on the individual affected.

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Hair Loss



Hair Loss



What is Hair Loss
Hair loss and regrowth are a natural process. On average an individual can lose upto 100 hairs per day. This is compensated by regrowth of new hair. If the hair loss far exceeds new hair growth, the individual will notice ‘thinning’ of hair, receding of the hairline and even ‘bald patches’.
What causes Hair Loss?
In men it is mostly due to ‘male pattern baldness’. This type of common hair loss is attributable to hereditary causes. The name 'pattern baldness' comes from the typical loss of hair from the front and top of the scalp. Another cause is Alopecia areata, this is a medical condition that causes hair loss. The pattern is unpredictable leaving scattered bald patches. Other causes of hair loss may be due to the side-effects of medical treatment or from other underlying medical conditions. It is therefore vitally important for you to consult a doctor’s advice before starting any hair loss treatment.
Hair Loss Treatment
Medical treatments have shown significant clinical results in reducing hair loss and even encouraging new growth. Finasteride the active ingredient in Propecia has been used to treat hair loss for numerous years and with great success. Topical products such as Minoxidil have also shown beneficial effects. To learn more about the treatment options available from AccessDoctor,  click on the products.
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