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Emergency Contraception

Emergency contraception also referred to as the “morning after pill” is taken after unprotected sexual intercourse to prevent unwanted pregnancies. It is required to be taken as soon as possible and depending on the medication taken is effective for as long as 5 days post sex.

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Emergency Contraception



Emergency Contraception



What is the morning after pill?
The ‘morning after pill’ is used by women to prevent unwanted pregnancies after unprotected sexual intercourse. Currently there are only two variants of the morning after pill available in the UK and both are available here at Access Doctor.
  1. Levonelle
  2. ellaOne 
As it is an emergency form of contraception, there are strong time restrictions for this treatment. In all cases it shoud be taken as soon as possible after intercourse.
  •       Levonelle can be taken upto 72 hours after sex
  •       ellaOne is effective up to 120 hours after
They have high rates of effectiveness within 24 Hours of upto 95%. Your G.P may be able to provide you with an alternative to the morning after pill in the form of an IUD, these can be effective upto 5 days post sexual intercourse. As the name suggests, emergency contraception is ONLY that. It is not an effective or viable form of continuous contraception.
How does it work?
It works via two main mechanisms:
  1. The hormones suppress your ovaries from releasing an egg.
  2. The hormones change the lining of the womb wall to prevent the fertilised egg from embedding.
Please see each product for individual mechanism of action.
What are the benefits of the morning after pill?
Although not to be used as a primary contraceptive method, the morning after pill is very useful and has a significant role in helping to avoid unwanted pregnancies. The key benefits are: -Highly effective 95-98% if used correctly within 24 hours -Accessible from online, pharmacies, sexual health clinic -Single dose    Accidents with regards to contraception are frequent and often unavoidable however care you are. It is vitally important to be prepared with emergency contraception.
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