Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does it take to notice weight loss on the plan?

All of our bespoke weight-loss plans are designed to maximise your results, whether you are looking to lose a bit of persistent body fat, or achieve a more noticeable, long-term result; with our panel of medical experts at hand, we are confident we can fulfil your weight-loss needs.

The weight loss can often be noticed as early as a few days after starting the treatment as long as regular exercise and a calorie-controlled diet are maintained, however in order to achieve long-term result, we believe a 12-week programme of clinically supported weight loss is necessary.

What information will Access Doctor need to know about me?

In order to safely assess your suitability for the weight loss plan, during your initial consultation we will complete a full medication history and health assessment with you. We will also record your current height, weight and (if available), your recent blood-pressure readings.

During the assessment, we will also try to build an understanding of your weight-loss goals, and your working and social lifestyle to accurately suggest a plan that would suit you best

Which weight loss treatment choices are available?

We can provide a range of medical weight loss aids depending on your individual needs and goals. All of our weight loss aids are clinically proven to help with weight loss, but need to be used alongside a calorie controlled diet plan, and regular exercise to achieve the best results.

Saxenda (Liraglutide) work by supressing appetite, they are quick and easy to administer and have a proven success rate

Mysimba Tablets work similarly to Saxenda in supressing appetite, as well as reducing the pleasure sensation during eating. An ideal alternative if you are not a fan of daily injections.

Orlistat (Xenical) Capsules significantly reduces the absorption of fats after a meal without causing appetite suppression.

How is the Access Doctor weight loss programme different to other diet plans?

Too often people attempting to try a new diet plan fail because their enthusiasm drops after a few months when they stop seeing noticeable progress.

Our medically led weight loss plan is scientifically proven to work better then conventional diet plans alone.

All of our medical treatments for weight loss should be used along with a calorie reduced diet and regular exercise routine.

With expert help and advice from our nutritionists and fitness coaches, we put you in control of your weight loss journey.

We will develop a healthy, calorie controlled and nutrient rich diet that is ideal for you and your needs. Alongside regular exercise routines which are easy to follow and maintain, you will start seeing weight loss within just a few weeks.

This method of weight loss is not only effective, but also long-lasting, sustainable and often life changing, meaning you are less likely to put the weight straight back on after completing the programme.

How do the online consultations work?

Our on-line weight loss programme is designed in exactly the same way as if you were attending one of our clinics in person.

Our virtual consultations can be booked at a time and date to suit you and last between 15-45 min depending on how much support and advice you need. It is completely private and done from the comfort of your own home.

How much weight loss can I expect from the treatment plan? and how do the different treatments compare?

(Results will vary individually depending on your diet plan and exercise routines).

Manufacturers of Saxenda claim that almost 85% of people who start using it, notice a reduction in body weight within 12-weeks.Around 60% of people notice at least a 5% reduction in body weight, and 1 in 3 people noticed significant weight loss of more then 10% of their starting body weight in the first 3-4 months.

Manufacturers of Mysimba claim in three separate studies carried out, the average weight loss in patients treated with Mysimba was around 3.7 to 5.7%, compared with 1.3 to 1.9% with placebo; the proportion of Mysimba-treated patients who achieved 5% weight loss ranged from 28 to 42% compared with 12 to 14% with placebo.

Manufacturers of Orlistat (Xenical) claim that it is clinically proven to help weight loss when combined with a reduced calorie diet and regular exercise. One clinical trial studying the effects of Orlistat on weight loss in 743 overweight patients, found that after the first year, those taking orlistat had lost on average 10.3kg of weight. Another clinical trial has looked at the effects of Orlistat over a 6-month period in 80 obese individuals. After 6 months, Orlistat had caused a 4.2kg reduction in weight, a 4.6cm reduction in waist circumference, as well as a reduction in cholesterol levels.

Is there any evidence that weight-loss treatments are safe?

The short answer again is yes, they are very safe. They have all been fully trialled and tested in the UK and approved by the MHRA for weight loss. The weight loss programme may not be suitable for everyone and will depend on their personal and medical history.  Our free initial assessment and consultation process will identify anyone who is clinically unsuitable.

Is it safe to continue the treatment after the 12-week period?

The treatments we provide are all licensed to be used beyond the initial 12-week period. As long as there has been at least a 4-5% reduction in your weight from the start of the programme, you are able to continue to use the medication for up to 2-years or until your BMI reaches 23, (whichever comes first).

What is the fat loss capsule called?

The fat loss capsule is called Orlistat (commonly known as Xenical)and is a lipase inhibitor. It reduces the absorption of dietary fats after a meal and is licensed to be prescribed as a medical weight loss aid.

Orlistat can reduce up to 30% of dietary fats from being reabsorbed by your body and instead it passes through your stools, meaning that you are not only absorbing less fat, but also less calories from each meal. However in order to see lasting results from using Orlistat, it should be used alongside a balanced, calorie controlled diet plan and regular exercise routine.

What is the weight loss tablet called?

The fat loss tablet is called Mysimba. It is an MHRA and FDA approved effective weight loss aid that is licensed as a prescription-only medication. It comes in the form of oral tablets and is an alternative to Saxenda for anyone not keen on daily self-administered injections. Mysimba contains two different active ingredients, Naltraxone and Bupropion. The exact mechanism of action is unclear, however they appear to work in combination by suppressing appetite and also reducing the feeling of enjoyment whilst eating.

What is the weight loss injection called?

The weight loss injection is called Saxenda (also known as Liraglutide) and is an FDA approved self-administered injection; currently available as a prescription-only treatment for weight management. It is licensed for use in patients with a high BMI (body mass index) in combination with a calorie controlled diet and regular exercise. Saxenda works by suppressing appetite and make you feel full soon after you eat, which may help you eat less overall.

It is not only proven to help weight loss together with a calorie controlled diet and regular exercise, but can even help keep the weight off long-term; which is something a lot of people find harder to do.It is also important to know that reducing excess body weight and keeping it off will also help improve other chronic long-term health conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

How do I use the weight loss injection?

For anyone using either Saxenda or Mysimba for the first time, the dose needs to be gradually increased every week to allow the body to adapt to the treatment, and to minimise any potential side effects.

For Saxenda the starting dose is 0.6mg daily, and it is recommended to gradually increase the daily dose by 0.6mg every 7-days, over a 5-weeks period until the maximum daily dose of 3mg is reached.


Week 1: 0.6mg once daily

Week 2: 1.2mg once daily

Week 3: 1.8mg once daily

Week 4: 2.4mg once daily

Week 5: 3mg once daily

How long will one weight loss injection pen last?

When you first start using the pens you will be on a gradual increasing treatment dose regime, so a single pen will last you around 17-days, and a pack of 5-pens will last approximately 6-weeks.

Once you are on the maintenance dose of 3mg daily, each pen will last 6-days and a pack of 5-pens will last you 30-days.

How do I administer my weight loss injection?

Saxenda is a subcutaneous injection, which means it needs to be injected just below the skin, into the subcutaneous tissue.

The ideal areas for injection include the abdomen, the thigh and the upper arm. For most people, the abdomen area proves to be the most convenient and easiest parts to inject into.

Saxenda must not be injected into a vein (intravenous), or directly into a muscle (intramuscularly).

Rest assured that during our free online consultation, we will demonstrate the correct areas to inject, and the best injection techniques to use.

Click below for a demonstration video on how to use Saxenda correctly

How do I take the weight loss tablet?

It is important to follow the dosage instructions carefully for Mysimba and must be used alongside a balanced, calorie controlled diet and regular exercise routine to see the best results.

Week 1- one tablet should be taken daily for seven days

Week 2 – two tablets taken daily for seven days.

Week 3 – you should take three tablets daily for seven days – two should be taken in the morning, and one in the evening

Week 4 – you should take four tablets daily, two in the morning, two in the evening

As part of our weight loss programme, your progress will be reviewed at the end on 12-weeks, and we would expect to see a minimum of 4% weight loss by that time. It is then safe for you to continue treatment beyond this period for up to 2-years, and should have your progress reviewed at least annually.

How do I take the fat loss capsule?

The recommended dose is one Orlistat 120mg capsule taken orally up to three times a day in conjunction with a reduced-calorie diet. Each time you take Orlistat, your nutritionally balanced meal should contain no more than about 30% of calories from fat.

If you are unsure about which types of food to avoid, do not worry. With our weight loss programmes, your nutritionist will help to design a balanced meal plan that will work perfectly with Orlistat and help you get the best results.

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