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Welcome to the Access Doctor Weight Loss Clinic

Want to lose significant body fat without any surgery?

Our Medical Weight Loss Programme is scientifically proven to help you loose up to 12KG in the first 3-months of treatment.*

In particular, our programs will:

  • Regulate your metabolism
  • Control your appetite & reduce the desire to over-eat
  • Provide a practical method of weight loss
  • Have long lasting & sustainable impact

All of this will ensure that you are also less likely to put weight back on after completing the programme

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Medical Weight Loss Plan

Our treatments plans are led and supported by a fully qualified team

What is holistic care?

“Understanding your physical, emotional, and social needs for weight loss”

1-to-1 consultation with our Weight Loss Expert

Our weight loss expert will carry out a full medical review to better understand your physical need for weight loss and your suitability for the programme

1-to-1 consultation with our GP

Experienced GP’s are at hand to provide their expertise and support you to achieve your weight loss goals.

1-to-1 consultation with our Nutritionist

Qualified nutritionist will offer a scientific and food-based approach to evaluate your eating habits and develop a personalised diet plan.

1-to-1 consultation with a Fitness Instructor

Our team of coaches will offer a customised fitness process to empower you to develop and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Results are astounding

With the introduction of new pharmacological weight loss agents, it has beceome a game changer for those looking to lose weight.


Patients noticed significant* weight loss


In a clinical study of people using the weight loss injection* for 3 years: 56% achieved significant weight loss at year 1, and approximately half of these patients maintained weight loss at 3 years when taking the injections alongside a reduced-calorie meal plan and increased physical activity, compared with people not on the treatment.


Average weight loss in 4 months*


Around 13 to 22% of those taking the weight loss tablet* achieved at least a 10% reduction in weight after 14-weeks, while 5 to 6% of placebo- treated patients did so.


Average weight loss after 12 Weeks**


Statistic data showed a larger number of patients on the fat reducing capsules* achieved clinically significant weight loss then those on diet & exercise alone, with around 25% of participants achieving between 5% – 10% weight loss within 12-weeks of starting treatment.

Some of our most commonly asked questions include:

“How long does it take to notice weight loss on the plan”?

“How is the Access Doctor weight loss programme different to other diet plans”?

“Which weight loss treatment choices are available”?

“How much weight loss can I expect from the treatment plan”? 

“How do the different treatments compare to each other”?

Click on the link below to see the answers to these and more questions about our unique weight loss programme

Frequently asked questions

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“Very quick and professional service would definitely use again”

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“Excellent service, very quick delivery, and I live in the Highlands of Scotland. I will not hesitate to use AccessDoctor again.”

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“From start to finish, everything was very well handled. Would definitely recommend AccessDoctor.”

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“A quick and efficient online service. The review process was professional, well conducted and at a time convenient to me. The treatment arrived promptly and I was delighted with the results”.

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Four Pillars to Success

Medical Treatment

All the treatments we provide are clinically proven to help with weight loss.

During your assessment, we will discuss which treatment will be right for you based on your specific needs and goals in order to get the best results.

Personal Mentoring

You will have access to our range of weight loss experts, and we will be there to support you through the journey.

The personal mentoring service is available as part of our more detailed weight loss plans for anyone needing a more personalised approach to weight loss.

Nutritional Care

Qualified nutritionists will provide a detailed look into your body systems and dietary requirements.

They will identify ways to ensure your body’s micro and macronutrient needs are met by designing customised nutrition guides and meal plans.

Physical Training

Fitness coaches are at hand to provide useful exercise routines and ideas that easily fit around your lifestyle.

Whether you are looking for a few workout suggestions or a more detailed fitness programme, they are available to make sure you can maximise your weight loss goals.

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    Our Pricing FAQ’s

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you offer a trial period?

    We offer a trial period on all our packages. The trial period lasts 2-weeks and will allow us to see if you are experiencing any adverse effects, and if you are benefiting from the programme.

    Do I pay monthly or in one instalment?

    Our weight loss programme runs for a total of 12-weeks. You can pay for the full 12-weeks at the begining, or we will arrange a payment plan in 3-easy instalments to help spread the cost.

    Can I cancel at any time?

    You can choose to cancel the 12-week programme anytime during the trial period and you will only be charged for the medication you have received.

    Please note that due to MHRA drug safety regulations, we are unable to offer a refund for any weight loss treatment after it has been sent.

    (please see our terms and conditions).

    Which methods of payment do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express..

    Is VAT calculated in the price?

    Our price plans are all inclusive of VAT.

    Do you offer discounts?

    From time to time we may offer promotional discounts. Discount codes will be posted on our social media platforms and emailed directly to regular customers of Access Doctor

    Medical & Clinical Support

    Private GP Medical Review

    Our GP will do a thorough medical review to make sure the treatment plan is suitable for you*.

    Exercise and Physical Support

    Personal Fitness Coach

    All Diamond package members receive a 1-1 video meeting with a qualified personal trainer.

    Our experts impart valuable exercise tips with live demonstrations on how to perform various exercise routines.

    All members have access to our 12 Week exercise plans. (Usual price for a personal training session: £30** FREE with selected price plans)


    Our fitness and wellbeing coaches have a wealth of experience in weight loss. They will design customised workout routines based on your individual needs, to maximise your results from you chosen treatment plan.

    Our short daily workout plans are designed to kick start your metabolism, burn body fat, and ideal for busy lifestyles.

    They can be completed either in the home, the office or work place without the use of any gym equipment.

    Nutritional Support

    Optimised Nutrition Programme

    As part of our Gold & Diamond packages, members will have a video consultation with a registered nutritionist to create a customised diet plan and nutrition guide followed by a 8-week review.

    (Usual price for single nutritionist consultation: £120** FREE with selected price plans)


    Our nutritionists are experts in musculoskeletal, digestive, skin and immune health as well as energy and fatigue.

    They will provide bespoke nutrition advice and structured diet plans to meet your personal circumstances and health goals whilst on a medical treatment plan.

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    Meet our team

    Dr Abdishakur M Ali (MBBS MRCGP)
    General Practitioner

    Dr. Ali is an experienced GP and clinical lead for the weight management programme. He will conduct a full medical history and ensure that the programme is safe and appropriate for you.

    Alice Grinstead (mBANT, CNHC)
    Registered Nutritionist

    Alice is a registered & licensed Nutritionist (mBANT, CNHC). She has run UK and international clinics, global health retreats, developed recipes for a multitude of businesses and provided group education for international corporates.

    Nur Choudhury (MPharm Hon. pg.cert)
    Weight loss specialist

    Nur is an experienced clinical pharmacist, a weight management specialist and has a post graduate certificate in Independent prescribing.

    Nur currently works as a senior clinical pharmacist for a leading private hospital in the UK

    Emily Aitcheson
    Fitness Coach & Pilates instructor

    Emily is a ‘London Studios’ trained dancer with 15 years experience teaching dance.

    Also qualified as a Reformer Pilates instructor, Emily complements many years of teaching experience, providing a well-rounded, precise and knowledgeable style of fitness & well-being.

    Terms & Conditions

    Terms & Conditions

    (1) Cancellations and Missed Appointments

    Once enrolled in the programme, failure to attend any telephone or video-call appointment or follow-ups without giving 48 hours prior notice, will result in a £25 deposit being taken upon booking a further appointment. The charge will be held as a deposit on your account. If you attend your appointment, this will either be deducted from your treatment price or refunded to you if we cannot treat you based on medical grounds. If you are not available for an appointment, please give us at least 48 hours notice by telephoning 07833839502. Messages via email and other channels are not a valid form of communication.

    (2) Private Weight Loss Assessments

    We require 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel or rearrange either part of your Private Weight Loss and Wellness Assessment. If you use any prescribed medication, you need to know the treatment available during the assessment. Suppose any medical information is either intentionally or unintentionally withheld which is later found to be contra-indicated for the treatment. In that case, we may not offer a full refund for the package. 

    (3) Missed Payments

    We expect all patents to have means available to pay for their treatment and programme on the day of their appointment. Failure to pay will result in a £30 deposit being taken upon booking a further appointment. The amount will be refunded or credited against treatment only if the subsequent appointment is attended and new programme fee paid.

    (4) Medication

    Due to the legislative and regulatory requirements for the safe handling of prescriptive medication, prescription medication can not be returned once purchased and posted.

    (5) Referral fees: In order to be eligible for referral fees and discounts:

    (a) The name and business details of the referring person should be presented by the referred new patient at the payment stage, after the first consultation. The referral fee cannot be used for any other set of treatment.

    (b) Allow ten working days for us to validate that the referred ‘new’ patient has not been enrolled to the weight loss clinic before they are entitled to this offer.

    (c) Once the referred ‘new’ patient has purchased a programme, the discount will be applied to their final price, and the £30 fee paid to the referrer.

    (d) This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

    (6) Post and Packaging

    Additional Post and Packaging charges of £10 will apply to all medication delivery if next-day delivery is requested before posting. Free delivery is available otherwise and will take 5-7 working days. 

    (7) We can offer prescriptive medication to patients with a BMI of over 27. Our treatment programmes without medication are available to anyone with a BMI above 25.

    (8) The complimentary weighing scales and blood pressure monitor are only sent out after completion of the 2-week trial period and the programme is continued.

    (9) Needles and Sharps bin are included with all 12-week orders of weight loss injections.

    (10) All of our medical weight loss products are clinically proven to help with weight loss over 12-weeks, however we can not guarantee results.

    Weight loss outcomes will vary between individuals and depends on adherence to diet and exercise routines.