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Erectile dysfunction

To learn about the guaranteed treatments for erectile dysfunction, one must also know what it is in reality. Here we will discuss the types of ED, the major symptoms associated with ED, the psychological and physical causes of ED, and the proposed treatments available for it.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition associated with difficulty in getting and then keeping or maintaining an erection. Another name for erectile dysfunction is impotence. Erectile dysfunction affects more than 40 million men. Though it is most common in people aged greater than 40, it can affect men of any age. Erectile dysfunction is a condition that impacts the overall health of men.

It is a common practice for males to have some erectile problems from time to time. However, if the condition persists or happens routinely while having sex, it requires special attention and proper treatment.

Types of Erectile dysfunction

  • Primary ED This is a rare condition where the man is not able to have a sustained erection.
  • Secondary ED This is the common erectile dysfunction. It occurs in those males who once used to have regular erectile functions.
    Secondary ED is temporary in most cases and it can be reversed whereas Primary requires special attention as it requires intensive treatments for erectile dysfunction.

Mechanism of Action

Nerves release chemicals while having sexual arousal that increases the penile blood flow. Blood then flows into the two erection chambers in the penis which are made up of spongy tissues known as the corpus cavernosum. The two chambers in the corpus cavernosum are not hollow.

Erection causes spongy tissues to relax and capture the blood on its way. It is caused when the penis becomes hard and firm due to the blood pressure in the chambers. While having an orgasm, muscular tissue in the penis contracts due to the release of nerve signals, making the blood go back towards the circulation and thus causing the erection to come down.

The size of the penis may vary depending upon the stress and environmental factors and it shows the blood flow into or out of the penis.

ED symptoms

When a person has erectile dysfunction, it becomes difficult for him to have a firm erection for sex. Thus, it becomes necessary to treat erectile dysfunction. To undergo the treatment procedures, it is necessary to first learn about the major symptoms and causes associated with erectile dysfunction. The symptoms of ED include:

  • Depression.
  • Anxiety.
  • Reduced sexual desire.
  • Reduced self-confidence and esteem.
  • Continuous distress for both i.e. the man and the sexual partner.

Erectile dysfunction is also proposed to become a major sign associated with cardiovascular disease in males leading to the creation of blockades in the vascular system. Several studies and clinical trials have shown that men having problems with erectile dysfunction are at higher risk of having a heart attack, other circulatory problems, and stroke. ED affects mental health conditions if remains untreated for a long period. ED requires special attention if it is constantly affecting a man’s physical health and relationships. The treatments for erectile dysfunction are regarded to fix the problem or enhance erectile functioning.


ED has various causes which appear as a consequence of various underlying health conditions and emotional and psychological issues. Some of the known risk factors associated with erectile dysfunction are:

  • Medical history.
  • Age above 50 years.
  • Diabetes.
  • High blood pressure.
  • High cholesterol levels.
  • Obesity.
  • Reduced physical activity.
  • Smoking.
  • Too much alcohol consumption.

Apart from these, ED may also arise due to other physical causes such as:

  • Reduce blood flow to the penis which may be caused by heart disease and diabetes etc.
  • The inability of the penis to keep the blood entrapped to maintain the erection.
  • Peyronie’s disorder is a non-cancerous illness that results in the development of fibrous scar tissues on the penis. This causes curled and uncomfortable erections.
  • Injuries in the pelvic area may affect the nerve signals transmitted from the brain harming the penile nerves.
  • If a man suffers from sleep apnea then his testosterone levels are decreased resulting in reduced oxygen levels. According to scientific research, both testosterone and oxygen are essential for firm erections. Thus insufficient sleep disorders also lead to erectile dysfunction in males.
  • Diabetes is also associated with penile nerve damage. Long-term uncontrolled diabetes often leads to sexual dysfunction in males.
  • Urinary Tract infection such as overactive bladder also contributes to the development of erectile dysfunction to some extent.
  • Prostate issues in males also lead to having a distressing effect on erection function. Inflammation of the prostate also known as severe prostatitis even worsens the condition. It leads to a painful erection in some cases affecting sexual intercourse thus causing erectile dysfunction. The drugs used for the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) can also be the major cause of erectile dysfunction.
  • Hormonal issues and Multiple sclerosis can also lead to erection difficulties.
  • Treatment procedures for cancer near the pelvic region, such as radiotherapy and surgery of the bladder, rectal, and prostate cancer increases the chances of erectile dysfunction in men. Prostate surgery during cancer treatment can be the major cause of erectile dysfunction. However, the condition may get better after some time.

Diagnostic procedures adopted by Health Care Providers.

Talking about your personal life with anyone, including sexual difficulties is not a piece of cake. But the increased visibility regarding the issue as well as the awareness regarding the treatment procedures has broken the barriers to some extent.

Questions asked by Health Care Providers

The Health Care Provider may ask you questions about your health. These questions may include basic information regarding any over-the-counter drugs, prescription medication, or supplements you are taking. The questions also include information about smoking and the alcohol you consume. The Health Care Provider also likes to have information about you having any other health condition or urinary problem.

The Health Care Provider also asks questions regarding the ED symptoms you face. These may include the problems related to having an erection, sexual stimulation, sexual arousal, sex drive, or the problems associated with ejaculation and orgasm. The questions may also include information regarding any lump in the penis.

Health Care Professionals are also destined to ask questions about stress and emotional health. They may ask you about the conditions that trigger your stress, or the things that make you upset immediately. They are also required to get information regarding their sex life and relationship with partners to reach a better conclusion regarding the illness and its causes.

Physical Examination

A proper physical examination helps in finding the root cause of erectile dysfunction. The examination done for erectile dysfunction mainly focuses on the genitals. The examination of the heart, vascular system, and blood pressure are also required depending on your age and risk factors. Family history also contributes to having a rectal examination to check the prostatic conditions.

Lab tests and erectile dysfunction tests

Your Health Care Provider may ask for blood tests and urine tests to know the underlying cause of your ED. Questionnaires are also made to assess your experiences regarding the problems linked with erectile dysfunction.

Advanced erectile function tests

For some men, advanced testing is required to move the treatment in the right direction.

  • Testosterone and other male hormones are checked by blood work.
  • Diabetes check by blood work.
  • A penis is shot by using a vascular stimulant to check the erection.
  • If there is any history of trauma or cancer then MRI, CT scans, and pelvic X-ray procedures are implemented.
  • For checking sleep erection a test known as Nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) is performed.

The ways to treat erectile dysfunction

Lifestyle changes

  • A healthy lifestyle guarantees the maintenance of proper health conditions, keeping humans at a distance from some manageable diseases. Healthily adjusting our lifestyle can help us in improving conditions like ED, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and atherosclerosis. Lifestyle changes that help in the prevention of diseases include:
  • A morning/evening brisk walk on a daily basis for 20 minutes.
  • Physical exercises and relaxation techniques such as yoga.
  • Having a diet rich in nutritional value, especially for diabetic and atherosclerotic disease conditions.
  • Lose weight to prevent high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.

Herbal remedies

Herbal remedies are other treatments available for erectile dysfunction. These were found to be used in the treatment of the symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction in 2018. The one primarily used for this purpose is ginseng. Pine extracts of maritime, Pinus pinaster, etc. were also found useful but more research is required to be done. These herbal remedies are responsible for prolonged erection.

Alternative medicine

Some men also believe that alternative medicine such as acupuncture and acupressure also serve in relieving the symptoms of ED. Alternative medicines are the finest and safest approaches if performed under the supervision of a qualified professional.

Pelvic floor exercises

Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles helps in improving erectile function. Pelvic floor exercises are of great help to diabetic patients to maintain their erections Pelvic floor physical therapy option will also serve the purpose.

Couples’ therapy

As erectile dysfunction negatively impacts self-esteem. It also disturbs the sexual relationship among the couples. Couples therapy is implemented by Health Care Providers to help sexual partners learn about each other’s insecurities and make them at ease to talk about their feelings. This therapy constructively helps them thus making them understand each other. The therapy sessions act as psychological treatments for the patient as well as the partner.

The adoption of proper lifestyle changes eventually helps you in treating ed by guaranteeing the proper management. The inclusion of a healthy lifestyle in our daily habits prevents us from various diseases.

Non-surgical Treatment Options

Oral Medication

Access Doctor provides you with a large number of ed medication options including prescription drugs. These drugs follow the mechanism of improving the blood flow toward the penile region thus expanding the blood vessels and improving the erection process. The ed pills are widely available in the market. The ed drugs commonly prescribed are listed below:

Sildenafil (VIAGRA)

It enhances sexual stimulation thus improving sexual activity in males. Its effects last up to 5 hours.

Vardenafil (Levitra)

Vardenafil is among one the best treatments available for erectile dysfunction. It is a drug that is effective and economical at the same time. It remains inactive until sexual stimulation and its effect also lasts for 5 hours.

Tadalafil (Cialis)

This drug is also cost-effective and has high-reliability values. Doctors advise using it with food to have its maximum benefits. Its effect lasts for up to 36 hours.

Spedra (Avanafil)

This medicine is an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction in males who show adverse reactions to other ed medications such as Sildenafil (Viagra) or Tadalafil (Cialis).

All of these ed medications are useful in promoting sexual health. To get the best results, doctors advise taking these medicines thirty minutes before having sex as the overall mechanism increases blood flow of the penile region. About 7 out of 10 men show better results after using these medicines. However, the response rates are less in diabetic and cancer patients.

Testosterone replacement therapy

Low levels of testosterone hormone lead to erectile dysfunction. In such cases, testosterone replacement therapy comes to the rescue by fixing normal erections in combination with other ED medicines.

Vacuum erection device

Several erectile aids are also available which include penile constriction rings or other vacuum erection devices. These require special directions when used. it is a tube made of plastic that slips over the penis thus making sealed contact with the penial skin. A pump is placed at the other end of the tube and plays its role by creating a low-pressure vacuum around the erectile tissue thus improving blood flow toward the penis. This ultimately leads to an erection. An elastic ring slips to the base of the penis skin. This keeps the blood trapped in the penis for approximately 30 minutes by keeping the penis hard and firm. This device is properly adopted and can help 75 out of 100 men in getting an erection.

Penile Injections

This method involves the use of a needle or syringe to inject the medicines into the penis. It causes the expansion of blood vessels and as a result blood flow is increased. This procedure has been in practice for a very long time. This procedure of injection therapy is useful for erection problems caused by various vascular, neurologic, and psychological issues.

Sex Therapy

Along with various physical causes, erectile dysfunction can also be caused by stress factors. Sex therapy is also useful to treat ed. Anxiety, depression, and fear are the main causes of ed, but therapy can be helpful. Sex therapy also helps the sex partner to understand the problems associated with ED.

Access Doctor helps you in the treatment of your erectile dysfunction by offering treatment options such as avanafil, tadalafil, sildenafil, and vardenafil.

Among the various ed treatment therapies, non-surgical options are most commonly used. However, surgical procedures are often used too and are discussed in detail.

Surgical Treatment Options

When non-surgical ed treatments prove to be of no use, then surgical procedures help in the treatment of erectile dysfunction ed.

pENILE Prosthetic surgery

This is the recent scientific advancement made in terms of erectile dysfunction treatments. This is the surgical way by which implants are inserted into the penile regions.

These are devices that are placed inside the penis thus allowing you to get an erection. Penile prosthetic surgery is adopted after other treatment options fail to give the required result.

penile implants

Penile implants are of two types:

  • Inflatable implants

These penile implants are of two types. The first one is a three-piece inflatable implant that uses a reservoir that is filled with fluid which is then implanted in the abdominal wall. A pump and a release valve are placed inside the scrotum region with two inflatable cylinders lying inside the penis. They work by pumping the fluid, mainly salt water into the cylinders. In the end, the valve is released inside the scrotum so that the fluid is drained back into the reservoir. The two-piece implant also works in the same way, but the fluid reservoir is considered to be the part of the pump which is implanted in the scrotum.

  • Semi Rigid rods

The semirigid rod devices are hard and firm. For sexual activity, the penis can be bent away and towards the body to get concealed. A semirigid device with a series of central segments held together with the help of a spring is a better penile implant. It maintains better upward and downward positions in comparison to the other semi rigid rods.

Clinical Trial

Several treatments are still under investigation which can be used for ed treatment in the future. These include restorative and regenerative treatment options such as:

  • Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) in which low-intensity shock waves are aimed to fix the problem of tissues responsible for the erection by restoring natural erections.
  • The intracavernosal injection consists of stem cells to assist the regrowth of cavernous tissues.
  • Intracavernosal injection autologous platelet-rich plasma (APRP) is also useful in helping cavernous tissue regrowth.

Though these procedures are not yet adopted by the FDA they can be offered via clinical trials. Patients who show interest in having these therapies should be told all the risks and benefits of each option. The consent form is required from them before starting the procedures.

Erectile Dysfunction and Access Doctor

Access Doctor offers a wide range of treatment options for erectile dysfunction. Purchasing items for erectile dysfunction from us is a very easy, quick, and convenient procedure. After placement of your order, it gets checked and reviewed by our expert prescribers. After this, your product is delivered to your door.

Access Doctor is responsible for ensuring the safety of its patients by proving that the company is not involved in selling any fake medication. These medications are prescribed by real doctors. The primary care doctors available at Access Doctor recommend the best possible treatments for erectile dysfunction only after finding the root cause.

Access Doctor is a Uk pharmacy that is a registered online pharmacy in comparison to other UK online pharmacies. They provide wide treatment options to revive men’s erections. They have availability of online doctors who come under the guidance of the general pharmaceutical council.

As Access Doctor has the assistance of professionals, thus we are here to provide you the maximum control over your health. This is done by providing you with the required medicines on time and also making the consultation and aftercare process easy for you.

Access Doctor includes the proper mention of brand names, medication strength, and quality on their web page. This assists the patients in getting the required medicines by having the least hassle of visiting the stores and consultants again and again.

Another benefit that Access Doctor holds is the proper maintenance of the security of the patients. Patients with erectile dysfunction are mostly hesitant towards explaining their conditions to primary care consultants. Access Doctor promises to help patients to improve erectile dysfunction by maintaining their integrity and keeping the consultation private. Access Doctor advises its patients to discuss symptoms they face with their consultant in a better and easy way. This increases the sense of confidence among the patients and makes the choice of treatment option easy for a consultant.

Treatment choice

Access Doctor provides you with necessary treatment options according to your disease. They are involved in selling 100% authentic medicines however you have to select the strength and pack size of the medicine you require.

Access Doctor also ensures the availability of a particular brand if that works well for you. We generally have a stock of leading brands that are also cost-effective.


After approval of consultation at Access Doctor, you may receive a notification and now you can see the treatment options the doctor has approved for you. Now you can select the brand and strength you want to purchase.

Our online consultation procedure requires the filling of a medical questionnaire that is easy to understand and complete. Our prescribers are registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council and will review your consultation and will notify you afterward.

Delivery of the medications

After purchasing your delivery items, these items are approved by our prescribers. Now, these items are ready to get dispatched by our team of registered pharmacists. We offer you the flexibility of delivery services. This ensures that you may either receive the medications by utilizing our free postage option or pay more to get your medicines the very next day.


In many cases, the condition of erectile dysfunction can be reversed. However, this can be done by improving the quality of life, particularly for people having diabetes, atherosclerosis, heart disease, and hypertension. The proper use of medications as prescribed by the physicians also helps in the restoration of erectile dysfunction to some extent. Surgical options for erectile dysfunction are also available. However, even when in some conditions, it seems impossible to cure ED, the selection of the right treatment helps in reducing the symptoms to a larger extent.

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