Period Delay

Period delay treatment gives you the freedom to manage your own life. It allows you to prepare for whatever big event is waiting around the corner such as

  • Work commitment
  • Special occasion
  • Sporting event

To learn more about methods of safely delaying your period, as well as how to order the medication click below.

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What is period delay?

Period delay refers to delaying of the menstrual period with medical treatment. There are numerous ways to do this. We provide a clinically proven medical treatment to predictably delay your period

Why delay your period?

There are many legitimate reasons to delay the onset of your regular period and alter its timing, these include:


  • Going on vacation
  • Frequent swimmers
  • Participating in sporting events
  • Busy work commitments
  • For a busy work week
  • Big occasions e.g. wedding
  • Festivals/pilgrimage
  • Long haul flights or long-distance travel


There are other good reasons to delay your period and the clearest benefit being better control of when your period starts. Whatever the reasons are we can provide an effective treatment option

How to delay your period

The most well-known medical treatment for delaying period is by taking Norethesterone.

Details of its mechanism of action, how to take it, precautions and side-effects can be found when you click on Norethisterone

Can you get pregnant on period delay tablets?

You will not be protected against pregnancy if you delay your period with period delay medication. You could still become pregnant even when you take Norethisterone and have unprotected sex.

How long can I delay my period for?

Starting 3 days before the period is due, take one tablet three times a day. In the days leading up to the period, they may not work because natural hormone levels will already have begun to drop. You can take these tablets for as long as necessary, but the period usually begins around 2-3 days after ceasing to take them.

Consult your doctor if you want to delay your period for more than 17 days.

How often can I delay my period?

It is only appropriate to take tablets to delay periods occasionally. Consult your own GP if you want more control over the timing of periods. Some methods of contraception also reduce or stop periods significantly, and may be appropriate for you.

Is delaying a period safe?

If you have no risk factors for taking the hormone medication, delaying your period is safe. A woman does not need to bleed every month for medical reasons. Nowadays, many contraceptives allow women to have three or four periods a year.

Do period delay tablets have side effects?

It is possible to experience side effects with all medications.

Most women have no problems when taking norethisterone to delay their period.

Side effects include bloating and fluid retention, which may worsen pre-existing conditions, such as headaches, high blood pressure, and epilepsy. Breast tenderness, loss of libido, and very rarely jaundice (yellowing of the skin due to liver disease) can also occur.

Norethisterone can prolong the cycle, but mild spotting or breakthrough bleeding may occur in about 1 in 10 women.

Can I delay my period if I take other medications?

Norethisterone may interact with other medications, reducing its effectiveness or altering the effectiveness of other drugs.

Please consult your own GP if you are taking any of the medications below:

  • Medicines to treat epilepsy (e.g. phenytoin, carbamazepine).
  • Antiviral medicines to treat HIV (e.g. ritonavir, nelfinavir, nevirapine, efavirenz).
  • Blood thinning medication (e.g. warfarin).
  • Herbal preparations containing St John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum).
  • Antibiotics for tuberculosis (e.g. rifampicin, rifabutin).
  • Other antibiotic medicines (e.g. doxycycline, lymecycline, other tetracyclines, co-trimoxazole).
  • Anticancer medicines.
  • Ciclosporin (for suppressing the immune system).
  • Non-steroidal inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for treating pain and inflammation.
  • Medicines for high blood pressure.

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