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Hair loss is common in men. In fact, it affects around half of all men by age 50, and for some, it starts as early as their 20s. The most prevalent type of hair loss in men is ‘male pattern baldness’, or androgenetic alopecia, which can be treated using prescription-only medicine.At Access Doctor, we know how much this issue can impact your confidence, so we make it quick and easy to purchase male hair loss treatments. Simply complete a consultation online to discover your options.

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What causes male hair loss?

Male pattern baldness is caused by a combination of hormonal and genetic factors and it relates to an androgen hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Raised levels of DHT in hair follicles can result in a shorter growth cycle and cause hairs to be thinner and shorter. The follicles can also remain in the resting phase for longer time periods.


There are other causes of hair loss too, for example, illness, physical trauma, extreme stress or chemotherapy.

Can hair loss be reversed?

Hair loss caused by an illness, trauma, stress or medication will usually stop and the hair will regrow once you have recovered.


However, male pattern baldness does not reverse by itself in this way. Fortunately, there are effective treatments you can take that can help to slow the loss of hair and stimulate regrowth.


For example, finasteride is taken as a daily tablet and it has been shown to work for 90 per cent of men when used continuously, stopping hair loss and in some cases encouraging regrowth.


Check out our treatment options for male hair loss today at Access Doctor. Ordering men’s health treatments from us is quick, straightforward and discreet.

Hair loss treatment

Medical treatments have shown significant clinical results in reducing hair loss and even encouraging new growth. Finasteride the active ingredient in Propecia has been used to treat hair loss for numerous years and with great success. Topical products such as Minoxidil have also shown beneficial effects. To learn more about the treatment options available from AccessDoctor,  click on the products.

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