Adapalene gel and Co-cyprindiol

A combination treatment of co-cyprindiol (often branded as Dianette or Clairette) and Adapalene gel (generic Differin) helps minimise the appearance of acne and its production in women who have acne.

This medication is most effective when used in combination with one another.

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How should I use Co-cyprindol with Adapalene gel?

Women should begin taking co-cyprindiol (commonly known as Dianette or Clairette) on the first day of their period and continue for 21 consecutive days, followed by a 7-day break. Co-cyprindiol will also serve as a contraceptive and treat your acne, assuming you take it properly. You should apply a thin layer of Adapalene gel (generic Differin) to the afflicted area daily in conjunction with Co-cyprindiol.

To maximise the effectiveness of your acne therapy, you should take the pill at the same time each day and apply Adapalene gel nightly.

How does this combination therapy for acne actually work?

The combination of the contraceptive pill Co-cyprinidol and the topical gel Adapalene addresses acne from two distinct perspectives.

Co-cyprindiol contains cyproterone and ethinylestradiol, which suppress the hormones that cause acne, hence reducing acne formation.

Adapalene gel is a retinoid that reduces acne-related redness and irritation. It removes blackheads and whiteheads and unclogs pores.

How effective is the combination of Co-cyprindiol and Adapalene?

This combination treatment can be particularly helpful in the treatment of acne due to its double action.

This combination is very useful for persons with comedogenic acne (blackheads and whiteheads) and papules, which are small, red, painful patches. It may take four to twelve weeks before you begin to notice a difference in your skin.

Does Co-cyprindol or Adapalene have any adverse effects?

Some women who take Co-cyprindiol may develop nausea, weight fluctuations, headaches, mood changes, and breast discomfort.

Adapalene gel can produce dry skin, irritation, a burning feeling, and redness in the afflicted area.

See the patient information leaflets for Co-cyprindiol and Adapalene gel for more information on adverse effects and recommended use.

Is it safe to use Adapalene while pregnant or breast feeding?

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, neither Co-cyprindiol nor Adapalene gel should be used.

Will this treatment interfere with any other medications I'm taking?

Topical acne treatments can be used in conjunction with this combination, but they must be used separately to the Adapalene gel and must not contain tretinoin, isotretinoin, or tazarotene.

Other drugs may interfere with the effectiveness of co-cyprindiol and its ability to prevent pregnancy. You should inform us about any other medications you are taking so that we can safely prescribe the best acne therapy for you.

 Are there alternative acne treatments I can try?

Instead of the contraceptive pill Co-cyprindiol, you may be administered oral antibiotics in addition to a topical gel or cream to treat your acne.

Topical medicines might also be recommended on their own.

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