Replens MD Vaginal Moisturiser

Replens MD is a long-lasting vaginal moisturiser designed for women experiencing vaginal dryness. It can be beneficial for those dealing with dryness due to menopause, childbirth, nursing, certain medications, or stress.

The product works by delivering continuous moisture to replenish vaginal dryness and provide long-lasting relief. It’s typically hormone-free, fragrance-free, and comes in pre-filled, single-use applicators for ease of use.

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How often should I use Replens MD?

It is typically recommended to use Replens MD once every three days, though you should follow your healthcare provider's instructions or the guidelines provided with the product for the best results.

Is Replens MD hormone-free?

Yes, Replens MD is generally a hormone-free product. This makes it suitable for women who cannot or prefer not to use hormone-based treatments for vaginal dryness.

Can I use Replens MD during sexual intercourse?

Replens MD is not a lubricant designed for sexual intercourse, but it can help alleviate vaginal dryness which may enhance comfort during sex. It's best to apply it a few hours before intercourse

Are there any side effects to using Replens MD?

Most women use Replens MD without experiencing side effects. However, some may experience a slight stinging or irritation upon application. If any discomfort persists, discontinue use and consult your healthcare provider.

Can Replens MD be used alongside other treatments for vaginal dryness?

It's always best to consult your healthcare provider when considering combining treatments. While Replens MD is typically safe to use alongside other treatments, individual health situations may vary.

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