Voltarol Emugel (100g)

Voltarol Emugel contains the powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient Diclofenac.

Available in both regular strength 1.16% and 12-hr, long-acting 2.32% topical gel.

Both are effective at treating muscle strains and sprains as well as joint pain and back ache.

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What is Voltarol Emugel?

Voltarol is an effective NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) containing the active ingredient Diclofenac. Available as both a tablets and gel form, the gel is typically used to treat joint and soft tissue pain and inflammation. It works by targeting pain directly at the site by reducing local inflammation and swelling.

Diclofenac tablets are not as commonly prescribed due to an increased risk of cardiac events in some patients, especially in those with co-morbidities such as increased blood pressure or kidney disease.

How do I use Voltarol Emugel?

Voltarol Emugel is one of the most effective topical pain NSAID gels at treating deep rooted joint and back pain as well as soft tissue injury and damage. Fast absorbing, when it is applied directly to the affected area, it reduces pain and inflammation but with a much lower chances of any cardiovascular risks to patients unlike oral tablets which require more closer monitoring and prescribing.

How often should I apply Voltarol Emugel?

Voltarol Emugel is available as 2 different strengths, 1.16% and 2.32%. The lower strength gel can be applied up to three times a day and the higher strength can last up to 12 hours therefore requiring only 2 applications daily.

How does Voltarol Emugel work?

Voltarol Emulgel is applied directly to the skin, and targets pain and inflammation at its source. When the gel is applied to the skin it is absorbed deep into the tissues where it blocks the production of certain chemicals that are responsible for causing pain and inflammation.

What are the side effects with Voltarol Emugel?

As with all medication, Voltarol (Diclofenac) gel may not be suitable for everyone. If you are ordering online, make sure you complete the online health consultation as accurately as possible to ensure that you are suitable to use the medication.

A list of all side effects of Voltarol Emugel is listen on the patient information leaflet inside each pack. Alternatively you can view a copy of the leaflet by clicking the link below:


Some specific cautions to be aware of:

  • Take care when using Voltarol Emugel alongside other anti-inflammatory medication such as Ibuprofen, Aspirin or Naproxen. This can increase your chances of developing NSAID associated side effects.
  • Voltarol Emugel is unsuitable to use during pregnancy as it could harm the unborn child.
  • Voltarol Emugel is not recommended to use whilst breastfeeding as small amounts can be passed through breastmilk to the baby.
  • If you are sensitive or allergic to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID),  Voltarol may not be suitable for you. Make sure you mention all allergies when completing your online consultation.

How can I buy Voltarol Emugel online?

You can safely buy Voltarol Emugel online through Access Doctor by completing a short online consultation form. One of our prescribers will then check to see if you are suitable for the treatment, and once approved, the order will be sent directly to you by our pharmacy team.

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